Truss Rental – Phuket Sound and Lighting

Our new goalpost Truss is perfect for making your DJ standout, add great effect to your party or fashion show. Use our truss to display your product at a trade show. Our truss can be up to 3m high by 3m wide. We use Global Truss, an international brand which meets all international safety standards and is easy to set up.

truss and moving heads

Truss and Moving Heads

Global Truss Rental specializes in high-quality aluminum and steel general-purpose lighting and stage trussing designed for live stages, theaters, nightclubs, church installations mobile applications. Built to exacting specifications, Global Truss products can be counted on for safety, beauty and function. They are lightweight, easy to set up, and affordable. Global Truss offers a large variety of truss products: Square Truss , Triangular Truss, I-Beam Truss, Clamps, Box Truss, Circular Truss, Trade Show Booths, Exhibit Displays, Trussing Systems, Truss Kits, Aluminum Truss, Aluminum Truss Systems, Truss Totems, Retail Displays, Crank Stands, Junction Blocks, Aluminum, furniture, tables, chairs, Truss Corners, Light Stands, Lighting Stands, Sleeve Blocks, Winchs and Crank-up Stands.

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Truss on Stage