System 2

System 2

System 2 – Phuket Sound and Lighting

Pro Sound System

Small but powerful system for DJ, small band, speeches & background music
Up to 120 people indoors  100 people outdoors
2 x Yamaha DXR 12 active 650 watt speakers
1 x Wharfedale Titan A15 active 650 watt subwoofer
1 x Soundcraft EPM 8 mixer
2 x Shure SLX wireless microphones
1 x set of stands and cables

Sound Engineer


System 2 at Uber Taxi launch party Villa Torcello

Second Subwoofer can be added if necesary

We have used System 2  to great effect at many events, beautiful weddings and great parties at some of Phukets best resorts and locations. After using this Yamaha system for a while I can say that they are the most musical powered speaker I have worked with. The Subwoofer adds just the right ammount of bass whether the Dj is playing a seventies love song or a modern pop house tune. These speakers are extremely powerful and also look good with a sleek design. Book System 2  three way sound system for your next event, you will not be dissapointed.

I can say enough about these DXR powered speakers. I bought a set of DXR10s last year to build a small system for someone playing small restaurants and bars. They sound so good they enhance the performers talent with power and plenty of headroom to spare.

Now I just replaced a schools old monster out dated beast of a system with just a pair of these DRX 12S. Its a 700 seat auditorium and it was well designed for acoustics which helps balance the sound. I matched it with a Yamaha 16 channel board, new EQ and run up to 9 cordless mics at once for school theater production. When I 1st set it all up for the school that hired me to replace their old dead massive monster system from early 80s. They all looked at this new small setup and had a look of confusion on their faces as how the hell what they spent is now going to fill this big room. But when I turned it all on the look of disbelieve of how these DXRs filled the entire room evenly throughout even to back seats and clear with nice bass and mids and no distortion in high end their looks turned to amazement. I am not even running a sub woofer. But I am not doing rock concerts here either but the bass is very strong and solid for this application and its a big room to fill.

During performances, or assemblies I am not even maxed out and have a comfortable amount of headroom to go up if we need to, so far I been told to keep it down because its loud enough. I hardly have to EQ much at all and feedbacks not even an issue.
This is the new generation of sound equipment. People are always asking me those 2 speakers are all that’s making this sound? I know it sounds to good to be true and I felt that way the 1st time the salesman sold me my DZR 10 so I knew going into this new setup at the school the DXR 12s would do the job and they do without breaking a sweat or even being maxed out. Lots of power in these babies. I have not seen a disbeliever after they witness the sound they offer you. They are way about the level of 400.00 powered speakers of the past though they may look the same on the outside. Not in the same ballpark at all. You must hear them to understand all my review. Amazing worth every dollar you pay for them. Sweetwater has best in house warrantee 2 years which the school really liked!