System 1

System 1

System 1

System 1 – Phuket Sound and Lighting 

Pro Sound System

Suitable for small weddings, villa parties with Dj, Duo/Trio band.

80 indoors, 60 outdoors

2 x Yamaha DXR 15 active 1,000 watt speakers

1 x Soundcraft EPM 6 Mixer

2 x Shure SLX wireless microphones

1 x set stands & cables. Connection for media player for those that provide their own music.

1 x Sound engineer

System 1

System 1 Trisara

System 1 is suitable for your wedding or villa party. The Yamaha DXR range are proving to be the best active speakers on the market today. They provide crystal clear sound with plenty of bass. This system is perfect for a small band or DJ and also includes cables to hook up your media device if you prefer to arrange the music yourself. Our largest percentage of bookings come from weddings at boutique resorts and villas and also villa parties where this system is perfect. Add some of our LED lighting to turn your chosen venue into a perfect party.

This passion for innovation served as the impetus for an intensive collaboration with loudspeaker giant NEXO, adding their insight and expertise as an industry leader in touring-grade sound reinforcement to the development of our DSR, DXR and DXS Series speakers. As a result of working closely with NEXO’s engineers at their state-of-the-art facility, our team adopted a new approach to some crucial aspects of these speakers’ design. The detailed analysis of the transducers, thorough testing of the enclosures’ acoustic properties and optimized limiter setting all contributed to higher SPL delivered with stunning clarity and an unsurpassed level of reliability.