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Power Management – Phuket Sound and Lighting

All our systems come with electrical safety protection. From muti-input power conditioners to our purpose built digital power distribution boxes, we make sure everything is safe. While safety is our main concern, delivering clean uninterrupted power to our equipment ensures great performance and sound.

Almost everything Backstage does requires electrical power, in a vast range of amounts. It is therefore extremely important, especially when using large amount of electricity, to understand how this power should be correctly distributed.

Musicians know the importance of power management and down gear in the right order to avoid power surges and pops, but it’s not always easy to do. A power sequencer automates this process, and gives you the ability to safely power up far more gear than ever before on a single 15 amp or multiple 60 amp circuit. By consolidating all your gear into one power source you greatly reduce noise and potential hazards created by external ground loops. Pro audio power sequencers are rack mounted but not limited to large professional audio performances. Our equipment is transportable and easy to setup. We also carry 50m of cable. “It’s perfect for guitar rigs with multiple amps or multiple processors. It’s also great for bass, keyboard rigs, PA systems.